10 Apr '17 -- April 2017

Very pleased to say we're just about confirmed for this year's Bunkfest in Wallingford on Friday 1st September.

This is such an important festival event in our neck of the woods, and has built up an enormous following in the time it has been in existence. We're so pleased to finally be able to play it after many years of being unavailable on that weekend!

Gigs coming up in Reading and Cardiff, as well as Wokingham Festival in August, plus a couple more hopefully to be confirmed soon.

Also, we spent an evening at Charlborough Studios in Ascot, filming a promotional video to Dance Through The Storm - which should be available for public viewing fairly soon!

Keep checking the Facebook page for the most up to date info.

18 Jan '17 -- January 2017 Update

Happy New Year to you all.

Things are ticking over with us, as we continue to arrange shows for 2017 which would appear to be a year devoted mostly to gigging as and when we can.

We're looking forward to upcoming shows in London, Bracknell and Reading - and have just rearranged the Cardiff date that was postponed last June.

We'll have physical copy of our EP available at shows soon, and all being well two or three festival spots announced for the summer.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news.


12 Sep '16 -- An Abstract Sense of Time - Out Now

Finally - we have our new EP out!

An Abstract Sense of Time was released on Monday 12th September and features 4 tracks that we recorded live, in a studio setting. No overdubs, no multi layered tracks - just the 5 of us playing together, and a bit of mixing - about as raw as it gets!

To download the new songs for free, all you have to do is sign the mailing list (sign up box at the top of the page) - and a link will be sent to you so you can access the downloadable tracks.

We hope you enjoy them - and please do keep an eye on the gig page on the website as we have a few shows left for this year, as well as shows starting to be booked for early 2017.

1 Jun '16 -- Summer 2016

Time is seriously flying by and already we've reached the summer shows we've had booked for ages!

First part of the year has been quiet with the odd show here and there, due in most part to Emma having baby number 3 in February. We think she broke the record for quickest return to gigging, as we were back playing live barely 6 weeks later!

We had fantastic shows at Oxford Folk Weekend (where we played a bookshop - completely unplugged!), the Something Else Somewhere Else Festival, and a return to the Kontra Roots Club in Northamptonshire.

At the end of June, we have shows at the popular Down By The Riverside event in Staines, a return to the Crawley Folk Festival and a rare show in Reading - where we'll be playing alongside the fantastic trad duo Loreley. Then - on 6th July, we head to Wales, for a show in Cardiff. We're hoping Gethin will tap up all his family!

The recordings we did at the back end of last year are now mixed and they will see the light of day soon - we promise. As you know with us, things don't happen fast - but we hope you like the results when we finally get it released!

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows - apart from Cadiff, all free of charge so no excuse!


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