1 Jun '16 -- Summer 2016

Time is seriously flying by and already we've reached the summer shows we've had booked for ages!

First part of the year has been quiet with the odd show here and there, due in most part to Emma having baby number 3 in February. We think she broke the record for quickest return to gigging, as we were back playing live barely 6 weeks later!

We had fantastic shows at Oxford Folk Weekend (where we played a bookshop - completely unplugged!), the Something Else Somewhere Else Festival, and a return to the Kontra Roots Club in Northamptonshire.

At the end of June, we have shows at the popular Down By The Riverside event in Staines, a return to the Crawley Folk Festival and a rare show in Reading - where we'll be playing alongside the fantastic trad duo Loreley. Then - on 6th July, we head to Wales, for a show in Cardiff. We're hoping Gethin will tap up all his family!

The recordings we did at the back end of last year are now mixed and they will see the light of day soon - we promise. As you know with us, things don't happen fast - but we hope you like the results when we finally get it released!

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows - apart from Cadiff, all free of charge so no excuse!

18 Dec '15 -- Merry Xmas!

Well, we're done for the year. The last show at Norden Farm in Maidenhead was a really great way to finish - thanks to all who came and supported us and both Spencer and Natalie who played excellent support spots.

We're now taking some time away before Emma has her baby in Feb - but we have recently done some recording, and that will, we hope in some form or another be available by the time we start our spring/summer gigging run - which is starting to take shape nicely.

Keep checking the gig page for shows, and please 'like' us on Facebook!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

7 Aug '15 -- Summer Update

A big thanks to the fabulous people at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham, and at Cambridge Folk Club for making our first shows in those respective towns so enjoyable.

We have named a couple of dates for autumn/winter - in London at the Spice of Life in Soho, and a headline set at Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead alongside two hand picked support artists. Check the gig section for ticket details.

Later this year the plan is to record. We don't know where or when exactly, but the material is there to do something, so a new record of some description shouldn't be too far away!

30 May '15 -- July = Busy!

Bit of a quiet period for us with holidays and birthdays etc going on - however we will be back up and running mid June for rehearsals before a really busy month of July (by our standards anyway). We're looking forward to making our debut in both Birmingham and Cambridge, playing well respected venues in both towns. We really appreciate the efforts of the people who have made those shows possible.

Closer to home we return to both the Under The Skies Festival in Wokingham and also after 5 years a return to the Goring Regatta - where we get to play on the back of a lorry - nice!

Oh - and we're tentatively putting plans together to record some new stuff. Watch this space.


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