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15 Nov '12 -- London gigs

We have a couple of London dates coming up in the next week or so:

First we are in Leytonstone on Friday 16th Nov at Lost Horizons Folk Club. We'll be headlining this event, at the Heathcote Arms - on at about 9.30pm. £3 on the door. This will be our new bass player Becky's first full set - exciting times. ...more

18 Sep '12 -- Bass player number 4...

And so bass player number 4 is in place. First there was Jim, then there was Ben, followed by Ian... and now - Becky!

Yes folks - what better way to freshen things up after 5 years together - bring in another chick! We're now like the Fleetwood Mac of the folk world, although none of us have aspirations to present the Brit Awards anytime soon, and there is unlikely to be any inter-band relationships that end acrimoniously only to inspire a multi platinum selling album - although we'd take the last bit. ...more

23 Oct '16 -- The Half Moon - Hitchin

Part of the Rhythms of the World season. We'll be playing a 45 minute spot along with a bunch of other acts. Our set around 5pm.


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